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Mary Rosenblum—best-selling author, editor extraordinaire, instructor at the famous Clarion West Writers Workshop, and Literary Midwife to an ever-expanding group of writers—has made an amazingly generous offer to all you writers out there. Send her a 500-word blurb on your current writing project before January 31st, and she will send you a FREE evaluation of your readers, market, and summary.

Check out The New Writers Interface blog for this offer. And while you’re there, take a look around for a writer’s treasure chest of other great tips and tidbits.

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Happy New Year Offer

January 1st, 2015 • Posted by Mary Rosenblum • Permalink

Happy New Year to you all!

This is my little Anna’s hummingbird who keeps me company outside my office window. He’s warming his feet,  this 22 degree morning, on the warm feeder I just put outside. This time of year can be pretty bleak for the stubborn little Annas who choose to stick it out here rather than head down to sunny Mexico!

It can be pretty hard on writers who find the book bogging down in the middle. Suddenly it’s hard work and you find yourself wondering if anyone is even going to want to read it. Here’s a New Year offer for you. Between now and Jan 31, send me a 500 word (or less) summary of the story you are writing or plan to write. I’ll send you back my evaluation of who your readers are, what your market is, and any problems I see with your story or narrative arc.

Yes, I’m going to be tough about that 500 words! This is good practice for those of you who REALLY want to write a chapter by chapter outline. You can’t!  Practice that book jacket blurb, you’re going to need to write one later, anyway!

Send your summary to me at contact@newwritersinterface.com. (If you don’t get some kind of ‘got it’ response within 36 hours, I didn’t get it. The cyber gremlins do stalk the ether, after all.)

Sometimes all you need to get your enthusiasm going is input from an objective expert. I’ll tell you honestly if that book is going to interest readers and who those readers are likely to be.  It’s free, my gift to you!

Happy New Year!