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Please check out my interview with Worlds of the Imagination’s LT Getty!

Worlds of the Imagination

This week’s guest is co-author Barb Taub of One Way Fare, an Urban Fantasy novel brought to you by Taleisin Publishing and was published just this past September.  Barb’s co-author is Hannah unfortunately too busy to join us this week – but we wish her all the best as she’s busy in school. 

What makes your fantasy world different from ours? 

My daughter and I have this tiny little life-altering addiction to superhero movies. Okay, we’d probably starve to death with chocolate only a room away if a Marvel hero was in front of us. (Except Hulk, of course, because that movie was just too painful.) But in general, give some guy a spandex outfit and a mask and he owns us.

One night we started talking about superheroes with awkward powers. Let’s say you are the Man of Steel, but you don’t dare have sex with Lois Lane…

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