In halcyon days BC (before children), Barb Taub wrote a humor column for several Midwest newspapers. With the arrival of Child #4, she veered toward the dark side (an HR career). Following a daring daytime escape to England, she’s lived in a medieval castle , a hobbit house, and a magical Scottish isle with her prince-of-a-guy and the World’s Most Spoiled AussieDog. Barb is amazed that she’s just published her sixth book, despite still struggling to communicate with her neighbors and translate  from American to English.

What Americans call soccer, British call football. What Americans call football, British call incomprehensible. And what Americans call a three day match where often nobody wins and where players might wear a box (athletic cup) to protect their goolies (family jewels) in case someone bowls a wild googly (god knows…), British revere as cricket.

For more about Barb’s life and those translations, please click here.

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  1. ‘m happy to nominate you for One Lovely Blog Award. The rules are the same as those for a Versatile Blogger Award. Check them out here: http://versatilebloggeraward.wordpress.com/vba-rules/ Congratulations! —Jadi

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  2. Hi! Just discovered you via ‘Do not get sick in the sink, please’ blog. Having worked in business for many years, I loved your It’s not personal… it’s the writing business post. So true! I look forward to reading more over the coming weeks.

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  3. I’m glad to have found your writing, Barb. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

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  4. Those nasty kids…always needing things that lower my standard of living!

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    • I know what you mean. They just ate yesterday, and here they are wanting to do it again. Next thing, they’ll be wanting shoes and straight teeth and the extended channels on the cable subscription… It’s a slippery slope.

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  5. Hello there,
    Glad to know you, I will be around to know more about you.
    May Allah bless you and your loved ones,ameen

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  6. Hi Barb, when will you be in NYC? Just saw your comment on my post. Send me a message through my contact page under my blog header and I’ll follow up.

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  7. Fascinating! Now I’m going back up to click the link and find out more.

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  8. Hello Barb, just thought I’d let you know that I nominated you for a works in progress blog hop if you’re interested. If not, then just enjoy the free exposure: I made sure to include links to your books! 😀

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  9. I’m glad I’ve discovered your blog Barb. I love your humour – it’s brightened my day. 🙂

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  10. Hi Barb. I’m glad to know of your blog! And the fact it’s influenced by coffee…even better. I look forward to reading your writing, and I already got a chuckle out of the post about politicians and their insults!

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  11. Hi

    I was wondering how you feel about been interviewed by me for my blog if you able to all I need is a e-mail address so I can email you my questions here is the link so you can have a look at some I have already done http://www.authorsinterviews.wordpress.com

    From Fiona

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  12. Glad to have found your blog – looking forward to reading your posts!

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  13. I have Aussies too. What lovely dogs they are!

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  14. The wonderful Brian from Bonnywood diverted me here, and, as usual, he has led me in the direction of another fab blogger. So glad to read your witty words, and look forward to seeing you in my reader henceforth.

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  15. MW Barber said:

    Hi Barb, I just put up my P69 , what a novel concept!, Being wired the way I am I just had to do it, rather than ask for the book review I orginally found you for.

    Thank you for making my day,

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  16. Hi Barb – thank you for liking my blog post. Very pleased to have found you here, and will be following you.


  17. Hi Barb, I contacted you via your blog’s form regarding a promotional blog post I plan.
    Alternatively plaese see DM on Twitter.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards,
    Pat @PatFurstenberg


  18. Hi, Barb! Just found your FB page and sent you a friend request. I was posting a pic of Stephen Whittingon (Stevie) and I making a toast at our wedding and starting thinking about your great gift of California bubbly! Decided to explore. We are now in Leadville, CO, and Steve is Director of the National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum. I retired from being an academic librarian for 40 years but once again employed as a Population Census Enumerator. Two adult children, one who is also a Census Enumeration. Two rescue dogs; two rescue cats; 8 tarantulas, one a rescue. Have not run since my hip replacement in 2006, unfortunately!

    Christine (Carlson Rodino) Whittington


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