Don usually writes some of the funniest posts on the web. This is not one of them. Don’s an amazing guy –father, attorney, police officer, and writer. This story shows that the total Don shares with us really is so much more than the sum of all those parts.

don of all trades

The tension in the air was palpable.

It always is, but it’s worse when the weather is so unbearably hot and the air is thick with humidity.

Twelve police officers circled around a slick suited detective in a vacant parking lot discussing their entry strategy.

At twenty minutes before 5AM, the hope was that the target would be asleep, along with anybody else who might be inside the condo.

What’s inside the condo?

You’re sure about the target?








People other than the target?


Anything else?

Dogs. The target has a couple of huge dogs. Rottweillers I think.

The snitch has told them all that he knows.

He’s a drug addict, yes, but he’s been reliable in the past. He gets paid for information, but the information is always good.

The snitch says that the target plans to kill a rival drug dealer…

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