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REVIEW:Self-Publishing Success, A Handbook for New Writers — Five Stars

Quite simply, essential reading for any new author, whether or not you decide to self-publish.

THE END”. I typed the words and sat back. My first book was finished! Wasn’t it? My best friend liked it. My sister thought it was great. But, like most new authors, I had no idea what to do next. I was one of the very, very lucky ones. My sister-in-law, a “real” writer, said it was time for Mary Rosenblum. The next months were spent showing me that “THE END” was just the beginning as Mary’s advice had me editing, revising, and really finishing that book.

But just as important, Mary was getting me ready for the “what next”. What were my goals for the book? Did I want to query agents? Need to see my opus on the shelves of B&N? Fancy a boutique publisher or even the world of self-publishing? And no matter which I chose, was I prepared to take on the marketing and self-promotion needed?

Mary Rosenblum: writer, editor, teacher, and the Literary Midwife

Mary Rosenblum: writer, editor, teacher, and the Literary Midwife

With Mary’s guidance, a tip from a friend about a new publisher, and a whole bunch more of that luck, I ended up with a fabulous publisher and a bunch of new friends. But self-publishing is still out there, a fascinating and seductive option. And here’s that luck again! Mary Rosenblum has just published Self-Publishing Success, A Handbook for New Writers. The book is pure Mary—her audience is “Dear”, her voice is a mix of amusing, no-nonsense, and practical advice.

And she has the answers.

What Self-Publishing Success is not: you won’t find a step-by-step for uploading your book to SmashWords, B&N, or Amazon. (There are plenty of those guides out there, and Mary suggests some to you.) You won’t find assurances that you’ll be the next [fill in name of your favorite wildly-successful author]. She doesn’t bother with anecdotes about how Hugh Howey just threw his novella “Wool” up as a 99¢ Kindle and was amazed to discover he’d sold millions. (Those stories usually leave out the part where he sent a free copy to just about every reviewer on the web…)

But Self-Publishing Success is a comprehensive guide designed to help new authors decide if self-publishing is right for their book, and a realistic approach to the considerations that go into that decision. What is self-publishing anyway? Where does it fit on the spectrum of publishing possibilities out there today? What are the pitfalls to avoid? What will the author need to do to produce and promote the book? And what are the rewards and expectations?

This is a fast, essential, and information packed book, written by an author whose pedigree includes publishing books in almost every format as well as decades of teaching, editing, and mentoring new writers. It is, quite simply, essential reading for any new author, whether or not you decide to self-publish.

Coming tomorrow: my interview with Mary, plus a chance to play Thursday Lie-dar and win an autographed copy of Self-Publishing Success, A Handbook for New Writers.