Fantastic review of ONE WAY FARE on Rosie Amber’s Book Review Challenge. Thanks Cathy at!

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Today our book review from the recent Book review challenge comes from Cathy at Betweenthelinesbookblog

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Cathy reviewed One Way Fare by Barb & Hannah Taub


 One Way Fare by Barb & Hannah Taub…

This is an amazing story of fantasy, time and dimension travel and strong heroines with superpowers.
Gaby Parker lives with her younger twin brother and sister, who she is looking after and taking care of after the murder of their parents, in 1970’s Seattle. She is a Harmonia, which gives her the ability to see patterns in mostly everything…

Leila Rice, living with her adoptive parents, unaware she is a Nephilim, born of the union between a human and an angel. In 2012 she travels to France to claim the inheritance
left by her birth parents…

A very fast-moving plot told in several timelines with compelling and well-defined characters. Gaby and Leila are strong protagonists, both fun…

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