Combines my birthday, Christmas, and 70% off sale in Nordstroms shoes! Thanks for the lovely review!

S.K. Nicholls

This past week I was thumbing through my Kindle app on my iPhone looking through my TBR list for something to read over the weekend. There is a lovely lady, Barb Taub, whose blog I have followed quite some time. Coincidently, there is a guest post by her today on How to Tell if You’re a Writer here on A Woman’s Wisdom blog.

She has a series out called Null City, and I thought it sounded very interesting, so that’s what I went with. And what fun! There was a tiny bit of “Alice in Wonderland” or maybe “Alice Through the Looking Glass” type of feel to it in the manner in which some of the  ancillary characters are introduced. (Some of my most favorite stories of all times BTW.)

Barb Taub has a way of making you laugh out loud even when she’s not trying to be funny…oh, I…

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