Thank you to Rosie Amber for sharing this wonderful post that reminds us that there are so many other ways to say “I love you”.
Before we got married, my husband-to-be and I stopped for groceries near my California apartment. Next to my miniscule Ford, a gigantic Rolls pulled in slowly and parked. A stooped elderly man got out and carefully handed down his tiny wife. They slowly made their way into the store, bickering nonstop. Completely enchanted, we followed them around the store, as they pushed their cart together, pressed shoulder to shoulder, and arguing the entire way. But we also saw her stopping to search through the entire freezer section for the ice cream he liked, saw him approach a clerk for help finding her favorite tea, saw her slip a bottle of “that wine you like” into the cart even while grumbling about what his doctor would say, and saw him pick up a bouquet of roses just before they reached the cashier—despite her complaints about extravagance (waving a hand covered in jewelled rings). They went back to their car, still bickering the entire way, and he carefully positioned her back in her seat, pulled out her seatbelt for her, and closed her door. When he opened his door, her voice drifted out, complaining about where he’d left their shopping cart.
We were just planning our own wedding, but even then we told each other that someday we wanted to be that couple. After decades they still had plenty to complain about, but plenty of ways to say “I love you”. It’s been more than thirty-five years for us. Hmmm… maybe it’s time to go grocery shopping.

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25 Ways to Say “I Love You” Without Saying a Word

by  Winifred M. Reilly

mature married couple

Recently, on a cross-country flight, my husband and I were seated on opposite sides of the aisle. Several times, he leaned toward me to ask, “Would you like a bite of my sandwich?” “Can I get you some water?” Once he offered to share the last bite of his cookie. A while later, he reached over and put his hand my arm, just to say, “Hi.”

At the end of the flight the woman next to me said, “Your husband really loves you. I can tell.”

And she’s right. He does.

As couples, we express love through our everyday actions — our gestures of kindness, our generosity, our attention, our touch.

We say, “Drive safely.” “Take an umbrella.” We kiss each other goodnight.

And our spouse hears,”I love you,” in a way that touches more…

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