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S.K. Nicholls

If you haven’t yet been introduced to Barb Taub and her fascinating Null City Series of Mature Young Adult fiction, now is the time.

You can read my book review for

Book One: Null City: One Way FareHere.


Tales From Null City  released today!

Tales_from_Null_City-Barb_Taub-1563x2500 (3)For those not familiar with the series, Barb tells us a little about “Book Two: Don’t Touch” and how her sale will save lives.

As the villain of Don’t Touch, the Krampus is a monster who literally feasts on the fear and terror he inspires in children. The demon who threatens Stefan and Lette is a cornered beast, an anachronism whose ever-diminishing influence only makes him more desperately dangerous.

The other inspiration for this story is the image of Rapunzel. But in Don’t Touch, Lette isn’t the helpless girl awaiting rescue by her prince. Instead, I go back to the…

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