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Today we have a review from Book review team member Barb, she blogs at https://barbtaub.com/


Barb chose to read and review Relative Strangers by Helen Treharne


Here’s Barb’s review.

What does it say about me that I liked the vampires in RelativeStrangers: A Modern Vampire Storybetter than I liked its heroine? The vamps aren’t emo teens, they’re not particularly sexy, they don’t fall in love with human waitresses, and they aren’t the nice guy next door who happens to be on a liquid diet. They’re mean, sneaky, often stupid, and very strong. Sunlight doesn’t kill them, garlic and churches don’t seem to bother them, and they don’t have to kill their victims—although they really, really want to. They are monsters who exist on a spectrum that ranges from inhumane to nonhuman-but-can-keep-it-together-if-absolutely-necessary. Best of all? They don’t sparkle.

Sophie Morgan is a young British woman raised by her grandparents and…

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