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I’m visiting over at Ann Gimpel’s wonderful blog today where we are discussing my holiday-themed novel, Don’t Touch! Ann is a bestselling author whose blog Different Worlds, Different Times, Endless Love is dedicated to genre writing (paranormal romance, science fiction, fantasy) and to psychology, which was where it all started for her! (See my reviews of her very fun Witches Bane and Forever and a Day)

I hope you’ll stop by and when you do, be sure to take a look at her incredibly creative books.

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A Warm Welcome to Fellow Author Barb Taub and a Worthy Cause This Holiday Season!

Krampus and St. Nicholas visit a Viennese home in 1896 [photo credit: public domain]
Christmas in Austria is not for the faint hearted. While a familiar St. Nicholas does make the rounds, in many Germanic traditions he’s accompanied by a terrifying beast called the Krampus whose job is to punish – and even take away – naughty children. With his curling horns, long red tongue, and tail, the Krampus is enough to chill any heart. [Krampus and St. Nicholas visit a Viennese home in 1896 photo credit: public domain][/caption]As the villain of Don’t Touch, the Krampus is a monster who literally feasts on the fear and terror he inspires in children. The demon who threatens Stefan and Lette is a cornered beast, an anachronism whose ever-diminishing influence only makes him more desperately dangerous. The other inspiration for this story is the image of Rapunzel. But in Don’t Touch, Lette isn’t the helpless girl awaiting rescue by her prince. Instead, I go back to the origins of the folk story in sources such as Giambattista Basile’s Tale of Tales from 1616, where she is actually the hero who rescues herself and her children, and then saves her lover. Like her earliest predecessors, Lette is a tough, self-reliant young woman who tells her would-be prince, “If I need rescuing, I’ll do it myself.” …(more)