Thanks so much Rosie and especially Liz for this fantastic review of Tales From Null City! I particularly loved “This is a great read for excitement, tension, romance and a twist in the tail.”

Rosie Amber

Today’s book review comes from team member Liz, she blogs at


Liz chose to read Tales from Null City by Barb Taub


Tales from Null City by Barb Taub

This book contains two stories; the first and longest is Payback is a Witch.

I would not usually pick up a fantasy book as my first choice, but I have found that those written for YA are by far the best. Fantasy requires an inventive mind, creative ideas and preferably, a sense of humour. Luckily Barb Taub has all three, in spades.

As far as I am concerned, you are on to a winner if you live with an enormous Norwegian Forest cat, called Bygul, especially if she is also a goddess who can vanish. But the real heroine of this story is Claire Danielsen, a young witch struggling to continue the work her mother and grandmother did before her…

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