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I’m visiting the incredible Eric Gates at Thriller-Writer today. Please come over to join the fun!


My Guest: Barb Taub

When I first read the post by this week’s Guest, I had tears in my eyes… initially from laughing so hard, then through the realisation she had hit the nail on the head. Intrigued? Ladies and Gentlemen…
Barb Taub

Write Biz

When Eric invited me to contribute a guest post, he had only two requests. It should be about writing, and it should be “awesome“. Well, damn. I could think of a lot of awesome stuff, but if I tried to diagram the overlap with writing stuff, it would look like this:

Writing vs Awesome (2)

Unfortunately, (although she is awesome), I don’t think my dog is what Eric had in mind for this post. So with the other 99% of my topic ideas eliminated, I was saved at the last minute when a friend sent me…[more here.]