Sue addresses a problem facing every publishing channel. (My own publisher doesn’t even distribute to Spain anymore because net sales are negative. One copy of a new book is purchased and immediately returned, only to appear on pirate sites a minute later.) But Sue’s reaction is FAR nicer than mine! I urge you to take advantage of her generous offer of Ani’s charming and funny book.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Ani cover pic

Sites offering copies of pirated e-books now abound on the web. Authors work hard… writing alone demands time, energy and commitment, without proofing and editing… and, especially for the small press or Indie writer the work does not stop there. There are covers to design, formatting to be learned and done, author platforms to be built and maintained… and in the fabulous freedom of today’s market, where every voice can be published and heard, it can be appalling difficult to get a book noticed, make sales and get reviews.

Yet writers persevere. They write because there is something in them that needs to write, words that need to be said, ideas that have to be shared… and voices that can only be stilled by spilling them out onto a page. It is a consuming passion.

And, when all this has been poured into launching a book… you turn around and…

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