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Shaz and I are discussing books and travel over at her fascinating blog, Jera’s Jamboree. Please stop by and join us!


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Shaz writes:

I’m delighted to be hosting writer and book blogger Barb Taub today.
Barb is in my hot seat today answering questions about her travel memoir Do Not Wash Hands in Plates.
What was the idea/inspiration for your travel memoir?

I’ve always had a theory that if you turn down a chance to do something you’ve always said you wanted to try, it’s a sign you’re getting old. (Or maybe just smarter. I’m still not sure! Certainly a different philosophy could have avoided any number of contacts with medical and possibly a few law enforcement personnel…) But when we split up after University, Janine and Jaya and I always said we wanted to have her show us India. Last year we realized that our kids were grown, and our jobs flexible enough to finally make it possible. None of us knew what it would be like to get together again after literally decades had passed since our last trip. But it turns out the answer to that question is: “Amazing!” (Apparently, a lifetime of responsible jobs, marriages, and kids can evaporate in an instant when someone says, “Hey, remember the time we couldn’t find our exit tickets and had to jump the turnstiles at 57th Street?”) …more here