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If I ever grow up, I want to be Patricia Sands. She’s been everywhere, she’s elegant and sophisticated, and she writes terrific books. AND as you see here, she totally, completely, 100% gets the wonder and glory that is the French macaron (not to mention the Basque one). So I could not have been more thrilled when she invited me to hang out with her on her blog here.   

Please come on over and join us as we chat about the three C’s—castles, chocolate, and camels. But don’t forget your designer sunglasses, because just being there will make you feel more cosmopolitan!

REBLOG from http://patriciasandsauthor.com/2016/03/meet-barb-taub-former-castle-dweller/

Meet Barb Taub ~ former castle dweller!

Today I’m thrilled to have the talented author, humorist and all-round great lady, Barb Taub, spend some time with us.  I first met Barb online, a few years ago. My eye was caught by an intriguing and very funny blog post of hers, which I am sharing with you here.  I soon learned this was the norm for Barb’s writing and became an immediate fan.

Pour yourself a cuppa or some other beverage of choice and join us for a chat.

PS ~ How does a journalist from the U.S. midwest end up living in Scotland?

BT ~ It’s really my children’s fault. I would have happily continued writing for pennies at the newspaper, but the kids demanded food every day, and had even developed self-indulgent habits like wearing clothes and sleeping in a bed. Journalism was just not going to finance their extravagant lifestyle—they actually insisted on wearing shoes, if you can believe it. So I went over to the dark side, and a human resources career. And then one day, a miracle happened. My company was acquired by a Canadian conglomerate which already had a VP of HR. They gave me a bizarrely generous severance package at the same time as my husband’s downsizing employer dangled an early retirement incentive. I could now realize my dream of being an unemployed dog-walker a writer. So we headed to the UK for adventure and fat rascal scones from Betty’s Tea Shoppes.

PS ~ When I first met you online, your home was truly a castle. There must be a good story about this. [click here to read more…]