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I took the challenge!

Sacha Black’s Writespiration challenge this week is to post the title and a snippet from your current work in progress. Here’s mine.

TITLE: End of the Line  (Null City Series)

girl waitingExcerpt:

I was just going over the day’s tour schedule when I heard Zack suck in a breath. “Holy fudge truckers!” He paused and added for emphasis. “Mother fudge-truckers!” For a man who never swears, Zach can put a lot of emotion into perfectly clean phrases.

Mara looked up, and her knitting needles went into blur mode.

Crap. I knew, without even looking. “She’s back, isn’t she? Leigh Ann.”

They both nodded. Leigh Ann Shay, part-time succubus, and full-time pain in the butt.

“And I don’t have time to put the CLOSED sign on the door?”

They shook their heads.

“She’s right behind me, isn’t she?”

A sweet voice, which my cousin Carey once described as the last purr a bird hears before the cat pounces, answered. “Hey, you guys—I’m back! And guess what? I’m interning at Null City Travel! Laissez les bons temps rouler!”

In the silence that followed, we all heard Zach’s muttered, “Son of a mother fudge-trucking bench.

I had to agree.

So…what are you working on? Why don’t you check out Sacha’s fantastic blog here and take this challenge?

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