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I’m visiting Terry Tyler’s amazing blog today. Please join us here as I offer a short history of the world that explains why everything is a mess.


 “Terry Tyler asked me to do a little guest post about my new book, Round Trip Fare. I wondered if she had forgotten about my last “little” guest post (which was only about five times as long as what she’d requested.)

She repeated the word “little” several times, occasionally embellishing it with “small” and even (because I live in Scotland now) “wee”. Nope, she hasn’t forgotten.

But sadly, I wasn’t really paying attention just at that point because I was listening to a radio call in show from America and the theme was “What would you ask a presidential candidate?” 

At first, there were the usual things any responsible voter would want to know about their candidate:

  • If you had to downsize and sell off one state to fund Social Security, which would it be? (I’m pretty sure nobody is using Idaho right now…)
  • Shouldn’t all presidential candidates be required to submit their hand measurements?
  • Do you have contingency plans during the zombie apocalypse so we won’t miss any episodes of Walking Dead?

Then came the real, most heartfelt plea of all. “Why is everything such a mess?” 

Actually, I know this one. Everything is a mess because of three things. (Four, if Donald Trump is elected and the entire Democratic Party plus most of Texas moves to Canada before Canada builds The Wall.) 

Thing one. Everything is a mess because of…for the rest of this post, click here

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