You know how you open a blog post and go absolutely ape shit and dance around the house laughing like a fool?


This review is JUST like that.

Behind the Willows

You know how when you wait and wait for a sequel to come out and then it finally comes and you read it and it’s so great that you just have to go back and re-read all the books that came before it while wondering why you didn’t do that before it came out to make the reading of it even more enjoyable and then debate with yourself if you really should just re-read the sequel again even though you just finished it mere days ago …


This book is just like that.Round_Trip_Fare-Barb_Taub-500x800Would I recommend it? Yes! This book can be read as a stand alone but, it’ll be much better if you read the rest of the Null City books first.

Or second.

Or first and second.

Basically you just need to read them all because once you enter Barb Taub’s world of urban fantasy where super powers…

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