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Love me some fives!

This has been an amazing week of fives for me. Consider my top five reasons:

  1. 5000 blog followers! I love every single one of you more than I can say. And I’m especially grateful for incredible blogger Hugh, who tipped me over that 5K followers mark. Hugh is a generous, funny, and creative blogger. You absolutely don’t want to miss a single one of his posts on Hugh’s Views And News.
  2. 5-Star reviews! Thanks for those who have already read and reviewed Round Trip Fare, including Kassandra Lamb (bestselling author of the Kate Huntington mysteries) who writes: “5 star reviews

    Barb’s wonderful sense of humor shines through in her characters, and most especially in Carey Parker, young Accords Warden and all around hell-raiser. I absolutely love this character. And her friends, including her four-legged companion, are almost as delightful.
    The plot is convoluted at times but fascinating throughout, with plenty of adventure and suspense to keep this mystery lover satisfied. And then there’s the sexy mystery man… Yum! Five enthusiastic stars!

  3. This is my 545th Blog Post! Okay, that number is two out of three fives, but it still seems amazing to me.
  4. 5-squared reviews for One Way Fare! Review Number 25, in fact, is particularly fun for me as a writer. Thanks, “BBBBW54” for writing—

    OWF now free

    [click on image for preview and reviews on Amazon]

    “Initially considered not finishing the book due to its unique start but glad I didn’t and once I started couldn’t put it down. The Taubs have mastered transitions and created places, characters, and events that leave you wanting more. In fact, I actually went back to make sure I didn’t miss a chapter as I was so wanting to read more. If you love fantasy and sci-fi with great passion, action, romance, and humor get this and the rest of the series. You will be glad you did.”

  5. 5th book just released! I’m so excited about the release of my latest Null City book, Round Trip Fare—and my fifth book. You can see all of them here.

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But there aren’t enough multiples of five possible to express how very grateful I am for each and every one of you for reading my blog, books, tweets, or any other contact.

shooting starsYou deserve ALL the stars! And to celebrate (not to mention to see who actually bothers to read down to the very end of this post—cough, Rosie, cough) I’m offering any reader one of my first four books absolutely free for this week only. Just send me your email address and preferred format.

Mwa! Love you all.