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Signs, signs, everywhere a sign…

I’m visiting over at Linda Huber’s blog today. Please come by and check out some of the signs I saw on my recent visit to India.

Barb Taub: Signs (and books and things…)

unnamed-1Barb Taub is an American writer living in Glasgow. She and I “met” on Twitter a year or two ago, and last autumn, when I was having a week in Scotland, we met in real life. In the middle of Byres Road in Glasgow. Literally. We spotted each other on opposite pavements and both started across the road, hugged fondly when we were within reach, and retired to the nearest coffee shop.
And here she is to tell us about travelling, signs, her new book Round Trip Fare, and a few other things too. Over to Barb…

Some were irresistible

Hi Everyone!

[If you’re old enough to remember Five Man Electric Band from early ’70s, I apologize for the Signs earworm. The rest of you are safe.]

When I travel, I realize how much I depend on signs. Here are a few that guided me on recents travels in India. (And my apologies for the photo quality. Most were shot in passing, by a jetlagged old American lady with poor camera skills…)

Some signs were unexpected… [click here to see the rest of the signs.]