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unnamed-1I love Sasha Black’s First and Last line prompt for this week’s Writespiration. I’m only about halfway through End of the Line,  the last book of my Null City series. So here’s what I’ve got so far:

First Line:

I always knew my office was haunted. I just never knew I was the ghost.

Last line (of middle chapter!):

None of that prepared me to stand up in front of two hundred and forty thousand people and tell them that heaven is trying to destroy their city—and doesn’t mind if that means destroying them as well.

If you haven’t see this series, you can catch up with a free copy of the first book, One Way Fare!

OWF free

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How about you? To take part in this week’s Writespiration, go to Sacha Black’s blog and drop your lines or a link in her comments section.

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