Join me over at Jam’s place today to talk about killing giant redwoods, how not to bargain in India, and best way to meet fascinating people—mostly medical and automotive repair personnel—all over the world!

Leaves et Livres

Hi again!

Today, I am interviewing the lovely Barb Taub, author of Do Not Wash Hands in Plates, which I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing for you yesterday.


Let me know your thoughts, questions or comments at the end. Put the kettle on, have a brew and sit back and enjoy…

1. Where did your passion for traveling begin?

Right from the beginning, I figured out that the best travel stories come from what goes wrong. Visiting relatives? Boring. Driving across country with your nine siblings when you cross the path of a tornado because your father doesn’t believe in wasting money on newfangled inventions like car radios? Interesting. Going camping? Boring. Unless… it’s part of growing up in northern California, where my parents thought it was fine if my friends and I strapped sleeping bags and some sandwiches to our bikes and headed up to the redwoods or…

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