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I voted. And I’m devastated…

As an expat with absentee ballot, I was able to vote early. But there’s just something missing about not stepping into a polling booth. Is it waiting in line, reading the signs posted at legal distances, avoiding eye-contact with pollsters? Nope. Is it going down the long list of people running for local offices you’ve never heard of? Not so much. Is it… the sticker? YES! I’m supposed to get an “I voted” sticker so I can vote-shame the slackers who haven’t voted yet.

Luckily, Slate understands, and has a downloadable DIY sticker page here.


And the most important news?

There’s still time to register and vote absentee. My fellow American expats, you might not hang your hat between sea to shining sea or have a post code among amber waves of grain, but don’t be forgotten. This year, perhaps more than any other, your voice and your vote are needed!

And it’s SO easy. Just go to avaaz.org and you’ll be registered for that absentee ballot in minutes. But hurry! There’s not much time left!

Of course, if you’re looking for one of these stickers, you’re on your own…

[image credit: SpinSerpent] http://www.spinserpent.com/2012/11/vote-vote-for-chaos.html

[image credit: SpinSerpent]

[image credit: zazzle] https://www.zazzle.co.uk/funny_liberal_political_bumper_sticker-128027087005728034

[image credit: zazzle]

[image credit: Viz.] http://viz.dwrl.utexas.edu/old/content/secret-ballot-public-voting-subtle-and-not-so-subtle-persuasion-i-voted-sticker

[image credit: Viz.]

[image credit: HuffPost] http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/02/worst-bumper-stickers_n_1071929.html

[image credit: HuffPost]