Sue Vincent nails it: “*This is in no way intended to offend you, it is simply a recognition of the divergent evolutionary path of trolls as a non-human species.”

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Drawing by Theodor Kittelsen, 1911

Dear… well, you didn’t acually give me your name, did you? Just an acronym,

Congratulations! Yes, you managed it! You got a reaction!

I must apologise, however, for being such a disappointment. I know my reaction is possibly not quite the one you were hoping for.

I must say though, you did an excellent job. It is not through any lack of thoroughness on your part. I hold up my hands…mea culpa. It is not you. I am to blame…

I was, unfortunately, unable to respond in anger or confusion. I reprehensibly managed to resist that temptation. I failed to take an offensively defensive position, or even to to curl up in a foetal ball, wondering what I had done to offend you, how I could possibly appease you or change your obviously poor opinion of me.

The fact that you cast aspersions…

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