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Why do people blog?

I can promise it’s not the money. But I do know most bloggers put an insane amount of time and talent and plain great writing into their posts. This is the one time a year when you can thank them in the way that counts most. And it’s really easy. All you do is send really obscene amounts of moneyOr any of the brothers HemsworthOr reasonably good chocolate? Vote… That’s it. You can vote for your favorite blogger right here.

But hurry, please, because you only have until midnight today (30 April) to let your bloggers know how much you appreciate them.

[Full disclosure: I am beyond flattered to have my blog nominated, and I’d love you to send Daniel Craig climbing out of the ocean right over to… I mean VOTE! Here. It only takes a second and will be almost as appreciated as Daniel. No, really. Kinda.]


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The Bloggers Bash Awards – Last Chance To Vote

Voting for the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards (ABBAs) close at midnight (BST) on Monday 30th April. That means (at the time of publishing this post) there are less than 36 hours to vote for your favourite blogs and bloggers. If you haven’t voted yet, then click here and start voting.

It’s hard to believe, but the fourth annual Bloggers Bash is less than a month away! Final preparations are underway at Bash Central, including setting the agenda for the day. We’re putting together a great event, including awards, speeches, talks and our popular panel debate, as well as time for networking and getting to know your fellow bloggers. [for rest of post plus info about the Bloggers Bash, click here.]

But back to me…

I started this blog to be like the other cool writer wannabes. But I’ve been spying on checking out their blogs, and it’s clear I’m doing at least three things wrong:

  1. I’m squee-impaired. When someone writes the word ‘squee’, I want to tweet back, “Bless you.” (Sometimes, I take a surreptitious hit of hand sanitizer.)
  2. I don’t call people ‘beotches’. I’ve known many bitches (and many… er… male offspring of same), and none of them spell it with an ‘o’. Or three ‘o’s… Not to mention the fact that after my formative years on the south side of Chicago, self-preservation leaves me reluctant to apply the term to their faces, whether as pejorative or endearment.
  3. I don’t drop the f-bomb.

Okay, those who’ve driven with me on a motorway in England know that I’m lying about at least one of the above points. (Make that two of the above…)

Here is the real reason I’m not going to make it as a blogger. I don’t have a cat to take cute pictures of or to inspire adorable blog posts (other than frequent reference to the eternally intriguing 101 Uses for a Dead Cat by Simon Bond). I can tell that cat blogging is important because among my blog-stats from the geniuses at WordPress is a list of search terms that led people to my blog. An astonishing 25.5% of them were looking for cat pictures like the one here. Plus one confused searcher was looking for a Persian dog. Clearly, the more kittens you have working for you, the more people will visit your blog.

[NOTE: Of course, 62.5% of search engine traffic was from people looking for my reasons NOT to have kids. Given that I have four children, I’m either the best or the worst source to consult on that topic. Either way though, I’m not posting their baby pix here either. And this policy has absolutely nothing to do with those restraining orders the kids took out…]

So in the interests of driving traffic to this blog, I offer the following all-purpose gif:


Adorable bee-otch kitten who does not want to have kids. Squee!” (See how I did that?)

If you’re part of the teeming hordes of visitors this picture brings in, I hope you will take a moment to pop over to the Bloggers Bash voting, and vote for your favorite bloggers. (That’s assuming you’re not a sopping wet Daniel Craig stopping by to give me an extremely adorable cat, of course…)

Why do you blog? What made you start?