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[Image credit: Pixabay]

Instant gratification doesn’t happen instantly…

A rich American visited Paris’ most famous milliner and asked for a custom designed hat. He took a roll of beautiful ribbon, twisting and pinning it around her head until she had the most stunning hat she’d ever seen. “I love it!” she gasped. “How much?”

“Twelve-hundred euros,” he replied.

“Twelve-hundred euros? But… it’s just a roll of ribbon.”

“Oh, no Madam.” He reached for the hat, unwound the ribbon, rolled it up, and handed it to her. “The ribbon is free.”

I was thinking of this story when I visited my favorite local potter, Simon Thorborn, at his studio, Arran Ceramics.

Me: Could I have two pots for kitchen utensils?

Simon: [Ten minutes—not counting several decades of expertise—later as pots are sitting on his counter ready for glazing and firing]: How’s this?

Potter Simon Thorborn at Arran Ceramics.


I’m pretty sure the clay was free.