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Whether or not all your ex’s live in Texas…

The El Paso Zoo has an offer that’s hard to resist. Just add a message or comment with your fave roach’s name and they will feed it to their meerkats on February 14th.

The thousands of comments already received include names of ex-loves, but also mothers-in-law, bosses, and several requests for roaches named Donald.

Sample comments include:

  • There must be an old cockroach that thinks it still has swag…please name him Bino and tell him that he didn’t have it then either!
  • If you find one that keeps going in circles and coming back to the same place kind of like a stalker roach I want my ex on that one.
  • Is there anything you can feed the Meerkats, that will make their teeth sharper, while we wait?
  • if you have 3 roaches that drink to much, bob, Melvin and mike. happy valentines day
  • It would be a very small cockroach for the best representation.
  • And for my ex Boss please take a really ugly One! His name is Marc O

You can message El Paso Zoo here with your choices and even watch the meerkats live as they chow down on your ex’s namesake.

Who is YOUR roach-worthy nominee?