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Team Swan or Team Elephant?

When I asked for your help (here) in deciding whether our hotel towel animal was an elephant’s head or a swan, I promised a fabulous prize. I just couldn’t remember what that prize might be. The good news is that I actually have the prize—an artisan block printed cotton dupatta. The bad news is that in order to take these photos, I had to unroll the amazing twist it came in and it exploded like one of those little hockey-puck shaped pellets that turn into an entire beach towel, usually sporting a picture so regrettable the towel can never appear face up on an actual beach. (Or like my stomach after that paratha festival in Delhi.) Sadly, there’s virtually zero chance that either the scarf or my stomach will ever return to their original shape. Sorry about that.

Artisan block-printed cotton dupatta (like a sarong or pareo) with a million uses and ways to wear it. (From The Central Cottages Industries Emporium, Delhi)

Would you like a chance to win this gorgeous scarf? All you have to do is vote here by Friday, 15 March, and you’ll be entered.

Meanwhile, for inspiration, here are a couple of the towel creatures who’ve visited our hotel rooms, plus two short demos from our multi-talented room stewards in Club Mahindra’s Munnar (Kerala) resort.

Happy folding! And don’t forget to vote here by Friday, 15 March, for your chance to win the dupatta and—more importantly—to make sure I win my bet. I’m counting on you!

But meanwhile, I’m dancing for joy because of this wonderful review by Sarah Brentyn. I don’t even have words to thank you, Sarah—not only for your lovely comments, but for your persistence in catching up to us on our travels and sending the link. In a perfect world, we are sitting down together over a chai masala.