It’s a tough job but…




Day Eight

Terry Godd sat slumped and looked mournfully at the cheery man opposite. ‘And?’

Dr Pattison Abraham tapped his fingertips together nervously. ‘You need rest.’

‘Rest? I can’t rest. I’ve got to finish this commission or…’ Terry gasped as pain seared across his lumber region. ‘Sheez.’

Pattison moved swiftly to Terry’s side. ‘Let me see.’

‘My back’s been playing up since day four. I was promised help with the heavy lifting but you can’t trust a bunch of jobbing primates, can you? Not when they’ve not been around long. Harry told me to do the big structural stuff last but I couldn’t see how that would work.’

Pattison palpated the affected area while small sparks issued from Terry’s ears. ‘Harry’s your brother?’

‘Yes, we Godds do all head offices major projects. Been in the family for ever. Father to son and so on.’

‘He experienced, isn’t he?’

‘Oh sure…

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