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Autumn PSL* Season        *[Pumpkin Spice Latte]

I’ve been living in the UK for years now, so I had no idea that an insidious drug cult has taken over America. My first clue came a few years ago when my plane landed in Atlanta. A group of young women screamed as they entered the terminal. No, really. Screamed. “PUMPKIN! SPICE! LATTES!” When my next flight landed in DC, several passengers menaced a Dunkin’ Donuts employee who was attempting to close down for the night. “Pumpkin spice donuts!” they demanded.

I’m finishing up a writing project, so hope you don’t mind this Throwback Thursday post regarding a serious epidemic addiction menacing the very foundations of Autumn as we know it. [image credit: diyways.com]

It’s everywhere. Hordes of suburban white female PSL Zombies are apparently roaming the streets, shuffling along in their Uggs and chanting “PUMPKIN SPIIIIICE”. I tried to escape into my sacred, secure place, the one establishment that makes every ex-pat American groan with homesickness. But the clerk in Trader Joes greeted me brightly with the information that “We carry over 47 pumpkin spice products!”


I staggered to my friend Janine’s house. I’ve known her for four decades, and I knew I could count on her to offer me a comfy chair, a cup of coffee, and her latest baking treat. Here she comes now with a plate of her home-baked petit fours. I’ll just have a taste and…


Pumpkin spice petit fours

Okay, it’s actually pretty good. Only now I have an uncontrollable urge to change into yoga pants, pin stuff to Pinterest, and buy all 47 things from Trader Joes…

[Image credit: dailydot.com] http://www.dailydot.com/via/pumpkin-spice-latte-backlash-calm-down/

[Image credit: dailydot.com]

 Autumn PSL Season last year—

So last year, when I arrived in the States I thought I was prepared for America’s annual Pumpkin Spice orgasm.

I could pass the pumpkin spice product displays without blinking.


I could ignore the blatant infiltration by Peeps, those ironic little pervs who aren’t content with subverting their assigned holiday.



I could…

[image credit: i.imgur.com] http://i.imgur.com/QzifXu7.jpg

[image credit: i.imgur.com]

NOOOOO! How will my eyes ever be clean again?


[image credit: itscasualfriday.com]

This year?  

I pass through the stunning Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed Glasgow Central Station several times a month, and usually pop into one particularly favorite spot where I can count on the perfect mix of caffeine, sugar, and carbs.

But this year?

KrispyKreme’s Pumpkin Spice Donuts  [image credit: KrispyKreme]

Is NOTHING sacred?