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[One of my all-time favorite writers, Carol Hedges, has some tough love on her fabulous blog today for all you writers out there. I couldn’t possibly say it better, so here are her tips. My personal favorite is #10. Then go read her books and you’ll see why her tips are the best writing advice ever (after the whole shooting thing, of course…)]

10 Top Tips for Writers!

  1. If possible, write on something that is NOT connected to the internet. That way you aren’t tempted to check Facebook/Twitter every 5 minutes. Or less.
  2. If you are writing on an internet-free laptop, make sure it isn’t in the same room as the internet connected one (see 1).
  3. If you can’t accomplish 1 and 2 for physical/financial reasons, try to allocate yourself specific times of the day to Tweet/update your Facebook. Do not weaken.
  4. Unless specific, dickering about on Google is not ‘research’.
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