Be prepared in Glasgow…


And on the Isle of Arran?


Making a supply run in Glasgow?

Hundreds queue just to get into Costco. Shoppers fight over toilet paper and hand sanitizer. [Image credit: Glasgow-live]

And on Arran?

(Where everybody knows your name…)

On Arran, shoppers stop by Bay Stores to refill a fresh milk bottle, have a coffee, take home a wee drop of Arran Gin, whisky, ice cream, or cheese. Don’t forget your smoked sea salt, organic couscous, or the latest gossip island news. (Loo rolls optional, while recipe for homemade hand sanitizer is posted on Island page.)

But most importantly?

Arran instantly starts a registry program of contacts to make sure vulnerable neighbors have what they need. Both the Coop and Bay Stores announce they will assemble and deliver grocery orders. Islanders check on neighbors, offer assistance, and join in the one discussion that brings us all together: WTF. (Where’s The Ferry?)

Calmac Ferries public service: Isolating Arran from the coronavirus. [image credit: The Herald Scotland]