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There are two groups who don’t need to be afraid of Covid.

GROUP #1 doesn’t need to be afraid because it’s:

The President of the United States, who has a helicopter available to fly him to a hospital with a state-of-the-art medical suite staffed by an army of doctors with access to the latest advances in medical technology and newest, most experimental treatments. Because the only one he cares about is already getting the best care on the planet.

GROUP #2 doesn’t need to be afraid because it’s:

The over a million people who have died—210,000+ in USA—unnecessarily, for the most part alone, and all of them before their time. Because they’re dead.

In a stunning further demonstration of how little he cares about those around him who aren’t…well, him: the man who has just spent three days in the hospital with definite Covid diagnosis, has been central to at least one superspreader event, and is absolutely still contagious, removes his mask and stands gasping for breath. Nothing to be afraid of here…

Americans who don’t belong to Group 1 or Group 2?

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