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Sunday afternoon, the last day before new virus restrictions were imposed, we climbed up above Florence to see an 11th century basilica, San Miniato al Monte. (Climb being the very operative word.)

I went inside the empty basilica and discovered why the church is named San Miniato al Monte. (Well, we already found out about the monte part.)

It turns out the church is named for St. Miniato, a rich Armenian merchant beheaded for his beliefs in the 3rd century. Guess where they keep that head he lost?

Afterward, we had dinner (outdoors, of course) and watched sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo, along with half of Florence.

The Hub fell in love with a red hot little Italian.

I fell for a tall cool one. (I really don’t think we need to mention this to The Hub.)

Florence took care of the floor show!