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[We interrupt our regularly scheduled catchup book reviews for this  very quick digression inspired by my friend Beth, who blogs at I Didn’t Have My Glasses On.]

Yesterday I referred here to something I consider the ultimate in scary: a pack of soft spoken but terrifying kindergarten teachers. [Think about it: they fearlessly face down feral, free-range five-year-olds on a daily basis, usually without resorting to profanity or industrial strength tranquilizers. Sooooo scary!]

Beth, while acknowledging they are her tribe, felt there might be things even scarier. Clowns? Dentists? Zombies? Or…

Please help us resolve this burning issue.

What’s your scariest nemesis? (Caves? Public speaking? The Dark? Really big hairy spiders? Being mistaken for a Republican?)

And also this (at most quietly smoldering) issue?

What is the plural of nemesis?