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Goodreads author pages have a feature I never remember to look at. But basically, readers can ask authors questions.

Today, I was a bit surprised to see this one:

What mystery in your own life could be a plot for a book?

I tried to post my answer, but another mystery popped up when Goodreads came back with an error message.

So here’s my answer.

Great question! There are so many mysteries, I’m not sure where I’d even start. Here are my top ten, right off the top of my head:

  1. Why do people say “off the top of my head?” Where are they keeping the other reasons? In their underwear drawer?
  2. Okra.
  3. Who really eats the orange jelly beans? And why?
  4. Literally, why do people say “literally”?
  5. Lindsey Graham. (I suspect alien involvement…)
  6. What if there’s a malevolent force that goes through my house, removing one earring from my favorite pair, knocking my phone onto the floor behind the TV, hiding one piece of each puzzle, and unrolling all the toilet paper rolls? And what if the evil force’s superpower is curling up on my lap and purring until I forget all about those other things and give it a new catnip toy?
  7. Why do people ask you where you last had something you’re looking for? Has that ever, in the entire history of the universe, solved a mystery?
  8. Why do I spend $157 on garden supplies to grow 3 tomatoes, but get furious about paying more than a $1/pound for store tomatoes?
  9. Anything involving clowns. Because… clowns.
  10. How could someone not like chocolate? (Again… aliens/Lindsey Graham?)

What are your mysteries?