A wonderful surprise! Thanks a bazillion.

Welcome to Throwback Thursday. This week I’ve chosen a book I’ve been delving into again off and on…it’s guaranteed to lift the mood.  


My Thoughts

If you’re at all familiar with Barb Taub’s blog you’ll have a very good idea about the contents of this book. It’s divided into sections with subheadings, each dealing with a different subject – kids, relationships, life, holidays, travel, pets, death and writing. You could read it in one go or keep dipping in and out. It lends itself to either. But whichever you choose, eating and/or drinking while reading is not advised, as several people have found to their (and their appliances’) costs.

The book includes material from newspaper articles, blog posts and life experiences, well put together and written with the author’s uniquely humorous take on situations and the events life has thrown at her. With intriguing headings such as Penis Envy…

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