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Christmas in Austria is not for the faint hearted. While a familiar St. Nicholas does make the rounds, in many Germanic traditions he’s accompanied by a terrifying beast called the Krampus whose job is to punish – and even take away – naughty children. With his curling horns, long red tongue, and tail, the Krampus is enough to chill any heart. 

What a fabulous story! I really enjoyed this unique book, full of interesting characters and fascinating magic powers. [5-Star review, Amazon]

English: Nikolaus and Krampus in Austria. News...

English: Nikolaus and Krampus in Austria. Newspaper-illustration from 1896 Deutsch: Besuch von Nikolaus und Krampus in der Stube, Zeitungsillustration aus dem Jahr 1896 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the villain of Don’t Touch, the Krampus  who accompanies St. Nicholas is a monster who literally feasts on the fear and terror he inspires in children. The demon who threatens Lette is a cornered beast, an anachronism whose ever-diminishing influence only makes him more desperately dangerous.

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