As most of you know I rarely reblog anything, but this is a special holiday piece by a very special writer. Her Butterfly Sand blog had me hooked from the time I first read on her “About Me” page, “I guess in every perfect life there is always a fly in the ointment. Mine is an itty-bitty incurable disease called multiple sclerosis. MS does not control my life, it is simply a part of my life. It does not define who I am it is merely part of the definition. We all have personal issues, mine just happens to be very apparent. The wheelchair is a dead give-away But I am still the woman I always wanted to be, except I’m not as skinny or as tall as the image in my head. In my mind’s eye I’m drop dead gorgeous!”

And now she’s written a charming post that I hope makes your holidays as bright as it does mine. (And, since we’ve never met, I can honestly say she’s drop dead gorgeous in my mind’s eye too.)

Butterfly Sand

‘Santa Claus is dead.’

When Sebastian Phillips finished writing that phrase on his bulletin board he turned around to see what the reaction had been on his students. He was not disappointed.    Because this was a first-year philosophy course he expected them to be a little green when it came to abstract ideas.  After all they were just kids.  Truth be told, Professor N. Sebastian Phillips wasn’t all that much older than his students.

When he looked around the room Sebastian saw surprise, humour and perhaps disbelief, it was also very quiet.  Here he was, a college professor talking about a white haired, fat man in a red suit as if he were real.  Well real and dead.

“When you signed up for this course I am quite sure you were not expecting to talk about a symbol for a religious holiday that has come to mean the excesses of…

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