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Rosie Amber

2012_0622 rose for rosie  wordpressBook Review Challenge

Good Morning, Good Morning, come and pull up a seat once again. So how are you feeling? Glad it’s Friday? Come and take the weight off your poor weary limbs and take a relaxing deep breath. In and out, that’s it release the stress. Pull up a pew or find a comfy seat, kick off your shoes, nobody minds here, we’re all friends.

So what have you missed since you last dropped by? We’ve got some more delicious books for you, just whispering to be read…

If this is your first visit or you’ve been too busy to call we have a little book review challenge planned. It’s SO easy to play just a tiny part. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t like books, who doesn’t like a story? We’ve so many to tempt you.

What’s that I hear? It’s too much effort? Not at all. You haven’t got…

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