What’s on your list of favorites?

Rosie Amber

When I asked “What book have you read multiple time?” I didn’t realise how popular it would be.

Author Barb Taub has a long list of books.

I love this! And although I wish I could say that my go-tos are highbrow classics, I must admit to the following comfort re-reads: Good Omens (Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman),


The Hero and The Crown Series (Robin McKinley),


Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen of course), and (because I have zero shame) the Harriet Vane books of the Lord Peter Wimsey series (Dorothy L. Sayers).
Then we have Good Night Moon, which (after four kids) I will be able to recite verbatim on my deathbed. So there’s that…

Thanks Barb, some good books here.

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