A lovely short story that leaves you with more to think about!

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My head was bent over the crowded library counter as I concentrated on checking in a batch of new books, when a polite voice interrupted my chain of thought.

“Hello, it’s Helen isn’t it?”

I looked up into a face that I thought I would never see again. Robert Brown, the heart throb of the upper fifth at school. I blinked. I could not believe that he had remembered my name, let alone recognised me after all these years. I stared blankly at him.

“You don’t remember me do you?” he said, “Robert Brown, we were at school together.”

As if I would ever forget.

“It’s a long time I know, over ten years,” he paused and looked around him at the crowded library. “I can’t believe that you are working in the library, last time I saw you after our exams, you said you were headed…

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