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So here we are in Spain, where temps this time of year usually hover in the 90F/32C range. For refugees from that one day that Glasgow calls summer, life is darn perfect. Almost. Well, last night Mama Nature called in that “almost” in the form of torrential rain, thunder, lightning, the works. Power and [sob!] weefee (wifi) were gone, as we sat in the dark and watched sheets of water illuminated by flashes of lightening. The dog was willing to protect us if we would just get under the bed with her. The Hub was trying to remember how many seconds between the flash and the thunderboom translated into “we’re gonna die”. I found myself thinking about Noah…

So, I’m sitting in town at the Free WeeFee Tapas Bar in the plaza, shamelessly stealing their signal to put up this post from several years ago before the storms start again. (Forecasts predict several days of this.) Then I’m off to buy buckets. And maybe an ark.


Watching Die Hard, we noticed that if Bruce Willis had a cellphone, the movie would have been about ten minutes long. “Hello, 911-operator? I’m in the bathroom of the Nakatomi Plaza and Snape has my wife, well actually I’m not sure she’s still my wife because she’s gone back to using her maiden name and all, but I’m sure we can work on that and have a swell Christmas with our adorable children as soon as you have a few snipers pick off the terrorists who are conveniently sitting with their backs to large windows. Ciao.” Roll credits.

I started to wonder how other events might have been changed by a few well-placed cellphones, or even text messages.  

Adam. Eve. Apple.


Or maybe Noah had a mobile?



*1. Noah’s Concept Drawing

*2. Project Manager's Vision

*2. Project Manager’s Vision

*3. Business Analyst's Design

*3. Business Analyst’s Design

*4. Programmer's Implementation

*4. Programmer’s Implementation

*5. Sales Teams' Presentation

*5. Sales Team’s Presentation

*6. Build Team's Version

*6. Build Team’s Version

*7. What Accounting Invoiced

*7. What Accounting Invoiced

*8. Technical Support

*8. Technical Support