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What’s so funny? Your guess is better than mine, because funny is in the eye of the beholder.
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What’s so funny?

How could I refuse? Two of the funniest bloggers out there, Geoff Le Pard and Lucy Brazier, were allowing me to be the third judge for Charli Mills’ flash humor contest at the famous Carrot Ranch. So I knew right out the gate that no matter what the entries looked like, the judges’ interaction would be hilarious.

The only thing we had to figure out was… what is funny. Luckily, Geoff had an answer there. Who knows? He tells how it came out, and showcases the winner here.

But, as Charli points out in her latest Flash Fiction contest here, one of the funniest parts of the contest was the one who didn’t enter. We all fell in love with a piece of (possible) spam that floated in with the actual entries. We weren’t allowed to award spam prizes, but I can’t resist sharing the email in which Geoff undergoes a sex change, Channel becomes a candy, and the gppse is well and truly gfppd. Bitchcoin forever!

Check out Geoff’s post and the winning entries here!

From: Nanjo
Sent: Thursday, October 12, 2017 7:48 PM
To: glepard
Subject: Litte & Laugh FFRODEO #2

Name: Nanjo

Email: nanjocastille(at)gmail.com

Word Count: 208

Title: Website Overstock

Paste Your Entry Here: Hello Mrs Geoffarey DuParts. How are you for ten dollars? Or just a $20?
i am Nanjo. I have lots of extra high end luxyry purses and handbags because of website overstock gilch.
Are you intestrested? Let me explain to you how this works, Mrrs Geofarai:
Perfume and excessories all loaded up ready to ship out. The man came in and fool#s forch lift broke down. Cant transport stock out of the building. Gfppd fpr the gppse. Good for the gander/. Hence shooting off quick message in your FAQ bored.
Some of the finest stitching amd sewing work in many of the persfume bptt;es.
Not only that but you will find purses and hand bags of Ralphiger, Verskatche, Mr. Tommy Rott, and Coco Carmel.
How much would you be willing to me for this in money? A very little amount of bitcoin?
$20? For as little as $20 of BiTCHcoin we candei;ver to you a fine Channel bag and perfume for just £20. Reverse the other side of it, and it will fill your home with deliicsours vagrance!
>>>>This is 1 time deal because of warehouse overstock. Lots of high end
>>>> merch including Coochi, Pravda and Choco Caramel handbags.
Fo go go! No time!
By bi.

What’s your favorite spam ever? 

One of mine is this one… Thanks millions for the millions, Mr. Hague!

[NOTE: If you’re as enchanted with Nanjo’s bitchcoin pitch as we were, please see the FlashFiction challenge here to create his/her bio. And do stop by the Carrot Ranch to see more contests, and congratulate more contest winners. ]