I’m thrilled and honored and deeply concerned with the egregious puns in this wonderful review! Thanks so much.


Travel broadens the mind. India it seems broadens the beam. When Barb, Janine and Jaya set out to recreate their Grand Tour though this time on the Indian sub continent, their sylph-like selves were in for a shock. In the rest of the world music is the food of love; in India the love of food is the mood music.

As we follow out intrepid threesome on their calorie cavortings, we see temples a’plenty and a fair bit of textile but really this book is about movement, in every conceivable sense.

It’s funny and warm and scary and did I mention funny? Everywhere is closed yet doors open for our intrepid trio. Obhama may be due but there are more important Yanks there to test the cross cultural queuing techniques and evidently interesting ( as in Chinese interesting) driving skills. An extreme sport if ever there was one.

This small…

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