Merry 12 Days of Christmahannukwanzadan Solstice! Day 3: New friends, old family #humor


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Though it’s been said many times, many ways…

Lucky me—friends and family are what I’m grateful for today! (Especially since they are generously providing this post…) Last week I met many new friends who came for a talk (okay, my talk) at our local library. They were incredibly kind and even laughed at my jokes. When I got home, I found an email from new friend Chris—

Chris Attkins enjoyed a life in television production that began in black & white and ended in colourful locations all over the world. Along the way he became a handyman, hypnotherapist, guest house proprietor, restaurateur and taxi driver. Now retired, he is busier than ever making films, beer and friends.

Hi Barb,

Thanks for entertaining us this evening at the library, with nourishment for the stomach as well as the soul. You invited us to forward amusing anecdotes, so here is mine. Feel free to do with it as you wish.

As an early adopter of new technology, many years ago I splashed out on a top-of-the-range TomTom satnav unit when these were still a novelty. I set ours to issue spoken directions in a sexy female voice and delighted in its dependable route-finding.

On a long journey south, I pulled in at a motorway service station with an urgent need to pee and, to prevent theft of my precious new toy, snatched up the Tom Tom, still on, and put it in my pocket. Standing beside other drivers, all of us relieving ourselves, the customary silence of the men’s toilet was suddenly interrupted by a husky female instructing, “Turn around when possible!” Unfortunately, the astonished men adjacent to me did exactly that and I left with wet feet.

With all good wishes, Chris  

And my younger sister sent this essay, brilliantly written back when she was age seven:

I want you to know that she had seven sisters to choose from, so I’m pretty thrilled to make “best sister” despite my phone-hogging ways.

Thank you Chris and Eileen. Merry, merry!


10 thoughts on “Merry 12 Days of Christmahannukwanzadan Solstice! Day 3: New friends, old family #humor”

  1. A very funny story from Chris and a sweet note from your little sister. You can never go wrong with Nat King Cole, that smile!

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  2. My mom and I both laughed like maniacs at Chris’ story. Your sister’s note is sweet.

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    • That’s really a male problem, right? I remember when my son was just learning to stand and deliver, we had a rule that NOBODY could go past the bathroom door, because he would always turn to look…

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  3. Hysterical!


  4. I can just picture those men’s faces, lol. Your sister’s note is cute 🙂


  5. Hilarious 🤣🤣


  6. The Tom Tom story is hilarious – and I did like your sister’s essay. Which one of you has kept it safe for all those years?


  7. Splendid!


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