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You tell me…

Is it a fundraiser in support of building a border wall between US and Mexico?

[The MAGAs who wanted to pay less money to the government are collecting money to give to a government that told them Mexico is going to pay for the wall. Makes sense…]

‘Mexico will pay for the border wall and enjoy it,’ —Donald Trump, campaigning in Nashville, Tennessee 30 May, 2018

Some don’t think so—

…like that other gofundme campaign to raise money for ladders to get over the wall.

And Mexico.

And Sir Isaac Newton.

(Although I’m betting old Sir Isaac knew how to rock some amazing Christmases!)

Or is it a fundraiser for KIND (Kids in Need of Defense) in support of refugee children and families?

‘If you’re not doing your best to show compassion for the poor, the weak, the sick, and yes—the immigrants—then you are doing Christmas wrong. I don’t care what the hell is on your Starbucks cup.’—Samantha Bee in Full Frontal’s Christmas on I.C.E. special/KIND (Kids in Need of Defense) fundraiser supporting refugee families.

[Note: for information or to contribute to Full Frontal’s campaign to raise $100,000 to provide support and legal defense for refugee children, click here. And in the words of Tiny Tim, “God bless us, every one.”]

What have you seen recently that represents your ideal of what this holiday season could be?