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Remember my brother’s contest here to come up with favorite movie lines he could carve into signs?  Well, he’s picked two of mine so far. Not, of course, that it will do me a bit of good as he’s sheltering-in-place in California, and I’m under lockdown on a tiny island that hasn’t seen passenger ferry service for going on three months.

Instead, his neighbors get to enjoy the signs. [All sign photos shown are © Terry Figel, 2020]

But it did get me thinking about how movie classics from BC (Before Covid) would change if they could be made (in a responsible, socially distant, and completely safe way of course) now?

Here are some thoughts, accompanied by my brother’s signs (if completed yet).





[image credit: the brilliant Danielle Guenther says it all. No, seriously. You’ve got to look here. ]

And one more I just could not resist…


How about you?

What would your favorite movie look like now?

What would your favorite line sound like now?