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It was a lockdown vet visit, which meant my dog was inside getting biscuits and a blood test while I waited outside with the rest of the politely-masked queue. Then I noticed people looking at my car. They would walk over, stare, take out their phone, and snap a photo. Then they would go back to their car, and another person would take their turn.

I looked at the window, and there it was. Bugzilla.

Measuring—from the inside safety of the car—I saw that it was about 2 inches (48mm) long.

Murder hornet? Killer bee?

I waited my turn, took my own photo, and asked Google Lens. Turns out it’s an overachieving Tabanus Sudeticus, Dark Giant Horsefly. According to Wikipedia, it’s the heaviest fly in Europe, rarely seen in Scotland, and normally tops out at about 25mm (about an inch). And, as it prefers a liquid diet, it bites. Lots. Luckily, it seems to prefer equine or bovine blood, so I was safe and my little dog avoided further bloodletting.

But just in case, I got back into the car and closed all the windows.